Grand Chapter

M.E. Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons of Louisiana

Elected & Appointed Officers for 2018 – 2019

 Most Excellent Harold W. Jett, Grand High Priest

Comp. A.D. Teno, III ~ Most Excellent Grand High Priest Emeritus

Comp. Melvin D. LaCour ~ Very Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest

Comp. Kevin Milo ~ Right Excellent Grand King

Comp. Adrian Carter ~ Right Excellent Grand Scribe

Comp. AY Williams, Jr. ~ Right Excellent Grand Secretary

Comp. J.N. “Beez” Beasley ~ Right Excellent Grand Treasurer & Grand Registrar

Comp. Rodney McFarland, Sr. ~ Grand Chaplain

Comp. Marlon Yarbrough ~ Grand Captain of the Host

Comp. James Hulley, Jr. ~ Grand Principal Sojourner

Comp. Scott Cryer ~ Grand Royal Arch Captain

Comp. Roland Wilson ~ Grand Master of the 3rd Vail

Comp. Patrick Clark ~ Grand Master of the 2nd Vail

Comp. Ramon Washington ~ Grand Master of the 1st Vail

Comp. Dolyal Bickham, Sr. ~ Grand Guide

Comp. Deldecarleo Walker ~ Grand Sentinel

Comp. Triand McCoy ~ Grand Master of Ceremonies

Comp. Terrence Cyriaque ~ Grand Recorder

Comp. A.D. Teno, III ~ Chairman Royal Arch Education and History

Comp. Charles Henderson ~ Chairman Educational Assistance

Comp. Kenneth Brown, Sr. ~ Grand Historian

Comp. Armando Talavera ~ Chairman Committee on Foreign Correspondence

Comp. John Dilosa ~ Grand Photographer



Comp. Alfred Walters ~ District 1

Comp. Raymond Baker ~ District 2

Comp. Joseph Antonine, Jr. ~ District 3

Comp. Alton Williams, Sr. ~ District 4

Comp. C.C. Stewart, Jr. ~ District 5

Comp. Ronald Milburn ~ District 6

Comp. Desire Dugas ~ District 7

Comp. Joseph R. Jett ~ District 8

Comp. Billy Meziere ~ District 9

Comp. Dennis Malone (Assistant) ~ District 9

Comp. Dennis W. Clark, Sr. ~ District 10

Comp. Derrick Freeman ~ District 11

Comp. Calvin Wooten (overseer) ~ District 12

Comp. Richard Lynch, Sr. ~ District 13

Comp. Calvin Wooten ~ District 14

Comp. Edwin Mason ~ District 15

Comp. Carl Youngblood ~ District 16